Monday, August 31, 2009

I know, I gave them a "freebee"

I explain all this stuff about the beach not only to keep you guys informed but I know that now that Victor Tine is back from vacation, he will get it straight.

And the editorial is correct about the bureauocracy, but there are also too many people with their hands in this project, as far as I am concerned.

Ron Barrett, PITA president, asked at the meeting of the Alliance if DCR couldn't just have shot the Army Corps a fax or email of the easement documents - just to make sure the Corps was on board with the everything.

On the flip side, the Corps only decided the week the letters went out that they had a problem with the language. But that's the federal government.

The deadline to have a project "shovel ready" and able to receive stimulus funds is Oct. 1, I believe. That is why the Oct. 1 deadline is so important.

It will take the Corps 3 months to send out bids and hire the company that will do the construction.

I'm sorry to keep harping but good grief!

My sister, who every year with her husband goes down to the Outer Banks, continues to be sort of offended that the erosion there gets so much less press and attention that does the situation here.

It's all a Band-Aid, anyway. The dredging is probably a good idea, because that's what needs to be done to keep the channel open. The beach nourishment is the icing on the cake.

The dredging can go forward without the nourishment, you know. I think that bit was edited out of my piece.

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Sarah Swart said...

It's not the "less press" that bothers me. It's that the coastal states seem not to talk to each other, to share warnings and potential solutions. And that the non-profit, university(research)-connected organizations appear to operate in bubbles. You know, dredging will have consequences. Beach "nourishment" is necessarily temporary. Everybody is, I believe, fighting a certain moment of realization... what conclusion could it be?