Friday, August 21, 2009

Landfill: one day of reprieve a distant memory

Well that day back there when I said there had been no complains about the landfill has faded into dusky memory.

Ron Klodenski reports today that the period July 1 to today has seen the most complaints about landfill odor since 2006.

The period in 2006 coincided with DEP announcing it had issued a preliminary injunction to get the landfill under control and closed.

That apparently went really well ...

Landfill neighbor Alida Frey has a letter to the editor in today's Daily News.

The only political person I see, besides the mayor and Ward 5 city councillor Brian Derrivan, who is publicly weighing in on all this is Donna Holaday. And I haven't seen an update from Derrivan in a while.

Holaday, of course, is running for mayor.

And speaking of updates - apparently the media (or me, at least) - has been cut from the DEP's list of recipients for its daily updates about the landfill. The last one I received is dated Aug. 11, but I understand there have been updates since then.

Maybe Derrivan has been sending updates all along as well but chop-chop. The mayor smiled and said "hi" to me today at the beach alliance meeting, but that don't mean he likes me. Although, you know, I've actually been very kind to him in many ways.

Anyway ... the DEP updates are on its website - or are supposed to be, at any rate - so I don't know what the deal is.

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