Monday, August 10, 2009

Blah blah blah

So here is the story from the Daily News about the NRA appointee.

Here's my view about him building - whatever - that blocks the view of the river from his neighbors.

Did anyone see the movie "Friends With Money?"

In that movie, one of the characters and her husband are adding a second floor onto their house, which is somewhere in the hills of California. She's all gung-ho about it because they'll have a bedroom with a view - until the neighbors start giving her the cold shoulder.

When she confronts one of them, the woman points to the addition and says something like, "What? Did you think we would be able to see through it?"

I'm kind of surprised that someone who grew up here would be so insensitive, seeing as how the city (meaning natives) strikes me as being very supportive of its own.

He had the right to do it, I don't dispute that (being not privvy to all the circumstances), but what does it say about him as a neighbor and a member of a community?

Me, me ... and me again.


Bella said...

I use to live in California and a friend of mine lived in the Berkely Hills .She was showing me the homes around there and we came to a house that had huge picture window and right in of the middle of the window was a naked woman! My friend and I laughed ,the walked woman away from the window , we thought she was emabarssed . She came back , and this time she had a naked man with her! My friend and I just LOL! The couple were very good looking !

Thomas F. Ryan said...

"being not privvy to all the circumstances"

I think this is your most appropriate sentence in the post, Gillian.

Ahh, the power of a blog, it comes with the responsibility of knowing the story...or at least some of it...before making such a post.