Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm not sure what this means

This morning, someone sent me a memo from Newburyport Development about parking for tenants of one of its properties on the waterfront (after the Waterfront Trust begins charging for its spaces).

It almost sounds as if ND has made some kind of deal with the city/the Redevelopment Authority to allow its tenants to park for free in the NRA lots on days when the rest of us have to pay (Fridays, weekends and during Yankee Homecoming).

We encourage you to continue to use the municipal parking lots that are free just beyond this area and on the other side of Market Landing Park. Understanding that the city does charge on Fridays during the summer and during Yankee Homecoming, the parking attendant has agreed to allow cars to park at no charge if they enter the parking lots either before 8:00 am (for the west lot) and 9:00 am (for the east lot).

Oh, so the NRA lots are "municipal parking lots" now? I'm not being snotty; I really want to know. Because on the east lot, there's this huge sign telling everyone that the lot is owned by the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority (which admittedly is a quasi-governmental entity) and the NRA keeps the revenue generated from the parking fees.

Did employees in City Hall get a similar communication, I wonder? And isn't there some kind of an ordinance to the effect that businesses more than 500 feet or something from a municipal lot have to provide their own parking?

I was looking this up when I got distracted by something else ... next post, peeps.

And the "parking attendant?" Is that the company that the NRA contracts to collect the parking fees ...? Nowhere in the whole thing are the words "Redevelopment Authority."

The memo goes on to say that parking by tenants in front of Newburyport Lighting and the Chamber of Commerce is verboten as those spaces are for customers.

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