Monday, August 31, 2009

Charter review update

Are you guys interested in Charter Commission people? Tough.

I got the newest list here in front of me and I'm re-typing in every name and indicating with an (*) that they returned papers to the Clerk's Office (as of about noon today, Aug. 31).

So here goes (it's in the order of when they pulled nomination papers):
  1. Paul M. Bevilacqua*
  2. David R. Clarridge*
  3. Steven P. Cole
  4. Roger A. Gagnon
  5. Judith C. Grohe
  6. Gregory M. Kelly
  7. JoAn Kincaid*
  8. Douglas A. Locy*
  9. Thomas Tolman Lyons*
  10. Olga S. MacFarlane*
  11. Janet K. Marcus
  12. Bruce M. Menin
  13. Cynthia S. Muir*
  14. Sheila A. Mullins*
  15. Bonnie P. Perkins
  16. Thomas L. Salemi
  17. James A. Stiles*
  18. Bruce L. Vogel
  19. Alexander Z. Warren*
  20. Kenneth A. Woods
  21. Kathleen E. Bailey*

So 21 people; 11 have returned papers and one pulled papers but has withdrawn. That would be Julia B. Godtfredsen. She pulled papers on Aug. 18 and withdrew Aug. 25.

I could make some wild, random speculation here - but I won't.

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Anonymous said... many people on that list have delusions of grandeur, and really just want to be mayor (or city manager)? Steve Cole, Bruce Menin, Bruce Vogel, Jim Stiles, just to name a few. They probably think they'll have the inside track if they can change the city's charter!

And for anyone considering voting for Roger Gagnon, keep in mind that he was appointed to a city board by Al Lavender, never showed up to one meeting, yet refused to resign. That demonstrates real commitment to the public process.