Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow emergency parking

City Councillor At-large Ari Herzog informs me that the Council's Neighborhood & City Services committee - of which he is the chairman - will meet at 6:30 on Monday (before the City Council meeting and in Council chambers) to discuss protocols for parking during a snow emergency, as in how to improve public notification and information.

"I think it's a conversation we should have," Herzog told me.

Apparently during the snowstorm that didn't happen a couple of weeks ago, 2 of the blue lights that notify residents of a snow emergency did not work. Herzog has invited Marshal Howard, DPS Director Brendan O'Regan and Julia Godtfredsen from the Mayor's Office to the meeting.

Also Herzog said the Budget & Finance committee will meet the same evening, at 7:15, probably in the upstairs auditorium at City Hall.

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Bella said...

Health aids have to work during snow storms and when I was one health aids and visiting nurses cars were getting towed when they were taking care of their clients.
We had to made sure our clients had food in the house and cook for them, and bath them ,etc. My boss called the city of NBPT to see if they would stop towing their cars and she got 'NO' for an answer.
I called the mayor ,Lisa Mead and spoke to her , she told me have my boss call her and she would tell my boss what to do. The health aids and visiting nurses were given signs to leave in their car saying they health aids and not to tow their cars. I have no idea if this is happening now , but people should look into it ,as the elderly really need to check up on during a snow storm to made sure they're safe.