Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New City Councilor Ari Herzog is earning his pay (as little as it is). He has started an initiative, with the blessing of Mayor Donna Holaday, to maybe get Newburyport to be a test site for Google Fiber Optic service.

What is this, you might well ask?

Who knows? I reply.

No, really, go here for more information and to nominate Newburyport. Actually, that's not very informative. Just ask Ari!

We're planning to build experimental ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States to make the Internet better and faster. Check out this short video to learn more, or visit http://www.google.com/appserve/fiberrfi

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Ari Herzog said...

Thanks, Gillian. To be fair, numerous residents had approached me in recent days (by twitter, facebook, and email) wondering my thoughts. We looped the mayor in at that time, and I spoke to her today when she OK'd me to be the local government liaison.

If you assume that the typical Comcast residential subscriber receives a download rate of 16 to 20 million bits per second, because that runs on copper wires and fiber optic involves different material and technology, a Google rate (if it works) would be up to 1 billion bits per second. That's the nutshell.

I ask you and your readers, if they have Facebook accounts, to sign up via this Facebook page to indicate support.

A grassroots movement is in the works through some residents, and one of the ideas is that residents and others can create videos sharing their lives/community, explaining why fiber would be beneficial, and uploading those videos to Youtube, and then linking to the videos in the nomination form.

All nominations -- via this link -- must be submitted to Google by March 26.