Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interesting reading

Here's a link to a story that a friend sent me about a proposed wind turbine installation, from The Martha's Vineyard Times online.

The results of the acoustic study that was conducted by Tech Environmental showed that the community-scale wind turbine would increase the sound level for West Tisbury School's property boundaries and nearby residences beyond the acceptable level allowed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Noise Policy.

And interestingly, the powers-that-be in this town, West Tisbury, are following the 3x the height of the turbine "rule of thumb."

As a "rule of thumb" for minimizing possible noise, the study explained, a wind turbine should be sited three times the blade-tip height from residences. Based on the turbine initially proposed at West Tisbury School, that meant it should be located about 1,000 feet from residences.

The study referred to is "a wind site survey conducted by the Renewable Energy Research Laboratory in January 2007 ..."

I don't know how this noise controversy will ever be resolved!

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