Thursday, February 11, 2010

Police cameras downtown

Our city councillors are getting really good at disseminating news. Here's a post from Ari Herzog's at-large councillor blog about police cameras that have been installed downtown.

The cameras are connected by wireless signals to the department’s 911 center. Each camera can be zoomed in and out, and use wide-angle shots. They can be operated during both the day and night. The plan is footage will only be stored for 7-10 days before the video is recorded-over.

Short and sweet ... or not so sweet, depending on how you view police cameras.

Who needs newspapers? I feel so superfluous! Eh, well, I'm all for getting information out there, no matter the source. It's just getting harder and harder to keep up.


Dick Monahan said...

Cameras were installed without Council discussion & approval? This sounds like another festering problem to me.

macsurf said...

I agree Dick and, since they're paid for with tax dollars, shouldn't the PEOPLE decide if they want the Clpper City to enter the "Surveillance Society"?