Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laptop update: does Compaq [insert a word here]?

Well my new friend Mr. T (not related to the one from TV) spent several hours on Tuesday looking at my laptop and trying to resolve my issues. It seems that there is some kind of dealie with the power thingie and it needs to drain off or the laptop won't boot, or something ... the long and short of it is, one of my business partners also has a Compaq Presario laptop and she told me today that she had the same issue. She sent it off to the manufacturer and it came back the same. To quote Mr. T, "Bummer."

On the good side, although hers also will not boot up on demand, it has never completely failed to start up. Of course, that is no guarantee that mine will not fail at the most inconvenient time possible. Mostly because that's the way it works, right? I mean, the laptop went south big time the same day that the muffler on my car broke (again). And that was about 2 days after the CD player went on the fritz.

I try to leave the thing turned on to avoid the issue altogether, but as Mr. T wrote (right after he said "Bummer"), "And Windows reboots if you even look at it sideways."

I just had to share that because it's so true ... last night Windows just had to install some updates and of course, when it was time to re-start ... black screen nightmare.

Anyway, a hearty "thank you" to Mr. T for spending all that time with me and my laptop yesterday. Newburyport is truly full of generous and giving people. Do those 2 words mean the same thing? Give me a break! It's 1 o'clock in the morning.

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