Friday, February 5, 2010

Added some blogs to the roll

I've been most negligent about adding the blogs of our newest city councillors - Bob Cronin, Allison Heartquist and Ari Herzog - to my blog roll. They are up there now.

Cronin also sends out an email to his constituents (and me) that is quite informative. He invites anyone (even people not in Ward 3) to sign up for these alerts. You can contact him via

Heartquist has updates on beach issues and the lead issue at the branch library in the South End.

Herzog has this button on his blog that you can click to call him! I haven't tried it and I'm not sure even how it works, but so be it.

And, of course, Ed Cameron still has his blog. He has changed the format and has a super night photo of the Newburyport waterfront taken from ... the mud flats? I really liked the last photo of downtown at night, too. And, of course, he's got his usual informational posts.

Government in action - so much information.


Ari Herzog said...

Thanks for the plug, Gillian. I also have a monthly email newsletter that people can opt-in to receive by clicking this link to subscribe.

The "call me" widget on my blog is sync'd to my Google Voice number whereby someone types in their name and phone number, and Google calls both you and me at the same time so if I can't answer you go to my voicemail. It's a nifty system.

Ed Cameron said...

Hi Gillian,

The photo on my blog was taken from the side of the Black Cow... about a week ago at 7pm on a cold cold clear night with a full moon. The moon is causing the distant reflection off the water. I wish I actually knew something about photography because I'd like to do justice to the many beautiful scenes we see around here every day.