Friday, February 5, 2010

"Complain" is my middle name

The other day I was told that I complain too much. I replied that it was hard work coming up with complaints all the time ... and I don't get paid for it ...

Since the person wrote this to me on Facebook, I'm going to complain some more about Facebook. More specifically, how people present themselves on Facebook.

I notice a trend for people to identify themselves as a place - Newburyport, Mass., for example and Plum Island for another. I have no problem with the former, at least with one of them because the admin of the page (Ari Herzog) is very upfront about who he is. (I would link to Ari's website but as I have already complained to him, it's hard to link to 16 websites and 52 Facebook pages. I'm kidding; it's only 2 or 3 websites and .... several Facebook pages)

But someone the other day wrote and asked me if I knew who was the admin for the Plum Island page because the questioning person, who owns a business here in town, had a proposal for the person running the page. No clue who the admin is. Why would they hide? It's a positive page that's had a huge positive response, so I don't get it. How "social" is that?

Then there's Lord Timothy Dexter. This person, whoever it is, is driving some people in town nuts because s/he uses Dexter's name and other data on a Facebook page. S/he even has a farm on FarmVille (an application on Facebook), or did! I have asked this person at least twice to please identify himself or herself ...

You know, Dexter died in 1806, but he did promise to maybe "come back toue see houe you all goue on." Spooky.

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