Friday, January 29, 2010

Another (another) possible location?

The Daily News is reporting that the city is considering yet another site for a senior center - the Port Rehab building on Low Street. Port Rehab may be buying that land on Toppans Lane where last year a developer wanted to build a subdivision.

I heard about this on Monday morning, at the meeting of the COA Building Committee but people were being cagey. Well at least it's out there.

So I don't know about all this switching and changing that's going on now. I went to the Mayor's Energy Advisory Committee mtg. last night because it was announced at Monday night's City Council meeting that the group would be reviewing the proposed changes to the wind energy conversion ordinance.

Of course, the EAC released its report before the meeting and no such item was on the agenda last night. I don't have a copy of this report, but I did glance at it last night and I asked for a copy to be sent to me before leaving the meeting.

-----> Much later in the day ... I was unable to get on the blog all day then I had the brilliant idea of re-booting my laptop ...

So I now have in my possession the report and have whipped up a story for NBPT Biz. It's not online (on the front page) yet, though, because I'm waiting for the rest of the front page to trickle in. This news business is not all it's cracked up to be! I have to have all the new stories for the Biz News section ... or rather, I don't HAVE to have them; it's just easier to construct the module if I have them all.

Boy am I exhausted.

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