Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Mass Backwards"

Yesterday, I went to the new deli on Liberty Street. Not bad; not too expensive (except you can get a more "lavish" sandwich for the same price from Grand Trunk - and by lavish I mean with fancy cheese and aged expensive sausage).

I ran into Will Courtney (from the Daily News) there. Nice guy (seriously, he is). He told me that he had gone to Bresnahan School, a polling place, and all the buzz was for Scott Brown.

It's tragic, people, tragic! As Jon Stewart pointed out on Jan. 18, the Dems are in real trouble! OMG, only a 18-vote majority in the Senate! The most by any party since 1943 (at least I think that's what he said; I can't be bothered to look it up)!!

The "Democrats once again glued their balls to their thighs" ... golly gee whiz, I can't stop laughing ...


Comity said...

Lest the mind-traveling reader miss the following {while traversing The Fourth Estate of late) ...

Shall prompt you to SMILE (Seek More Information Linked Electronically) at

Dick Monahan said...

Have you forwarded the current top story from the Flint blog to the relevant folks here? (The one on parking)

Gillian Swart said...

Dick - No, I have not, although I thought of it at the time. I guess I should.

macsurf said...

The Dems need to remember Harry Truman's observation that when they try to act like Republicans, the Republicans win every time.

I still say Tuesday's election was more about Martha Coakley "losing" the election than it was about Scott Brown "winning" it.

Let's hope the Dems regroup and put up a REAL candidate with a fire in his or her belly for Ted's seat in 2012.

Let's also hope Obama stops channeling the cool, detached, patrician persona of JFK and taps into some of the passion RFK displayed.

If ge doesn't, he could well be remembered as the new Jimmy Carter, but with a better tan. LOL