Friday, January 15, 2010

More trouble on Crow Lane

I was going to say something but then I forgot ... oh, yeah, there was an explosion at the landfill on Jan. 14. Well, it was something that "might have sounded like an explosion," according to Ward 5 City Councillor Brian Derrivan:

I wanted to give everyone an update as to the odors tonight. NV had the flare shut down for most of the day trying to do some repair and maintenance. The flare was restarted late this afternoon and tonight at around 6:30 there was a boost of methane that resulted in a blow back that might have sounded like an explosion. The flare is up and running at this time so along with the H2S that has been around for most of the day we have to deal with the methane gas as well. I have been told that the methane should subside within an hour or so. I will keep you all updated when I have any other info.

I don't know if Mayor Holaday has been successful in setting up her meeting with MassDEP yet, but this is really - I was going to say "getting out of control" but it has been out of control for some time.

I do have to commend Derrivan for his dedication to his constituents, but really, I'd like to hear what AG Coakley has to say about the landfill. And for that matter, what Scott Brown has to say (although I can't get that image of his naked bod out of my head). But for now, Coakley is still the AG. I hear she will be in these parts tomorrow ...

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Bella said...

I also would love to hear what the candidates have to say about Crow Lane landfill and what they would do to make sure this does not happen again in another town or city in any state! Coakely had said nothing about trying to help NBPT with the landfill in her adds
on TV , so maybe she does not have any plans get some laws pass to keep Crow Lane from happening again!