Saturday, January 2, 2010

Comcast losing emails?

I now have confirmation of at least half a dozen emails "lost" over the last 2 weeks, including an invitation to a New Year's Eve party!

Evil, bad Comcast, or ...

Perhaps it's Windows Mail ... since I also am not getting my NBPT Biz emails through Windows Mail. Thank goodness I had set it up so those also go to my Gmail account. Who knows what I'm missing, or have already missed?

Maybe the man of my dreams was at that party ... maybe someone proposed marriage (or even better, proposed sending me money) via email ... I'm sure in this day and age, it's been done already.

I hate it that nowadays, you're only as good as the technology you rely upon for information.


Comity said...

What a bother.

Seems this (chronic albeit) intermittent problem (previously experienced by Comcast users) has resurfaced.

Which does give one pause as to what important missive went missing of late.

Rather a neat knit with another comment posted to the PRU pURL

That PRU post dated October 29, 2009, the date which happened to mark the 40 year "birthday" of the Internet (*) ---

Technically, marking the moment in time when the first email message was sent.

Which, "LO and behold," had transmission problems, described in the hyperlink below.

****** FOOTNOTE ******

* SMILE (Seek More Information Linked Electronically) about the first email message ever sent at pURL

Comity said...

Post Script:

Will follow-up with an e-mail (entitled, Something to SMILE
(Seek More Information Linked Electronically) about ...") including plethora too prolific and personal to post herein.

Please inform if you don't receive that information in due time.