Friday, January 1, 2010

What does it mean?

So I got these 3 strange comments to old posts on this blog:

"your blog is very comfortable"
"... please where can I buy a unicorn?"
"Excuse, I have removed this phrase"

They seem innocuous enough (no links, etc.), but after the third one, I Googled all 3 ... they are common spam posts.

I don't see the point ... or perhaps there isn't one.


Ari Herzog said...

It's called spam.

Ari Herzog said...

The point of spam is to have people click their links, which sometimes are innocent but other times are bad for your operating system. And spammers follow each other to bloggers who let them in.

Gillian Swart said...

But there are no links. I did notice, however, that on some of the blogs on which they also appear, there are links. So maybe Blogger broke the links ...? The first time, I thought it was someone who was reading through old posts and was commenting on the "comfortable;" the second time, I thought it was someone I knew who's into unicorns, trying to be funny. The third time, I was suspicious ...

Ed Cameron said...

"... please where can I buy a unicorn?"

Actually, Gillian, I sent that to you by accident. I was trying to post it to Ari's blog.

Gillian Swart said...

And I never even suspected that, Ed. I should have realized ... I'm losing my edge!

Tom Salemi said...

Classic Newburyport. You can buy a unicorn downtown, but I can't get something useful like office supplies or a cheap pair of jeans. No wonder nobody shops downtown.

Ari Herzog said...

Not if I have anything to do about it, Tom. It seems there used to be an office supply store in the space next to the post office where Steve Hutcheson's wife is the owner. City Hall used to buy all its supplies there. Then, Staples moved into Seabrook and the store went out of business.

There's a huge desire for a supply store. Maybe like the small place in Portsmouth. There is no place in Newburyport where you can buy a legal-sized pad, K-Mart included. I've looked.

There's also no artist supply store; Boston stores and the web make the gap, so maybe a dual writing and artist store. They can sell the minimum and order the rest. I'll work with the local businesses to try to put something together; maybe Fowle's can sell some, even.

macsurf said...

Good luck Ari with getting an office supply store back in town.

I believe the store in Portsmouth is, or was called, Hoyts. It was a family operation that had a second store in Hampton for YEARS in a little shopping center across from the Galley Hatch, until Staples or Office Depot moved into Seabrook.

Sayonara Hoyt's in Hampton!

In terms of the unicorns, they make me cringe. After twenty years in social services, I know all too well that unicorns are all too often the favorite animals of raging borderline personality disordered people.

Don't know why, exactly, but it's true.

I say BAN unicorns, LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...

There may, in fact, be a desire for an office supply store, but I would suspect that given the inevitable lure of Staples' pricing (which is, in fact, hard to beat, especially for business accounts) plus the tax advantage of being over the border, PLUS the relatively small size of the local market, PLUS the high rents in town would all make for some really formidable competitive obstacles for an office supply store in Newburyport.

Heck, lots of people in Newburyport use computers, too...and a small computer store would be absolutely clobbered in a matter of months.

Newburyport just isn't that friendly a location for certain types of businesses; a person could probably do OK running a store specializing in Polish/Russian cuisine while selling religious icons stamped with 'Newburyport, MA' in bold letters across Saint Gregory's forehead (or to use Senor Salemi's example, running a shop that only sold unicorn-themed bullsh*t)...but there's not a single boating supply shop in town. There USED to be a few, not that many years ago, and there sure are a lot of people who own boats in town, and yet there's no boating supply stores in town. There are at least three that I patronize right over the bridge.

Why do you suppose that is? If it's not due to Mass sales tax, and it's not due to being a specialty store, and if it's not due to being a seasonal business, and if it's not due to a lack of local customers...then why did two of these stores move out of Newburyport and reopen elsewhere?

Ari, you've got to find the answer to that question before you run around asking people to take a financial risk and consider opening retail stores in town.

[I think I know the answers to this, and some of them are so terribly Politically Incorrect and infuriating that I won't post them in public, even under this particular Nom du 'Net.]

Remember: as a City Councilor you'll be able to change a great many things...the laws of economics, however, are not one of them. I fear that you've perhaps spent too much time on the Internet*, where the biggest economic values are Cool, Free, and telling as many people as possible about the first two. NOT a good mindset for the real, analog world.

- The Carrot

'Thanks for helping invent it and bring it to the masses, Carrot!'
'You're welcome, Ari!'

Gillian Swart said...

Hey, Carrot! Does that mean you're really Al Gore?

Seriously, though, Richdale has a small office supply shelf, which is better than nothing, and CVS is OK as well. As for the boating supply places ... sounds like a case for NBPT Biz. Can't help you with the jeans, Tom, unless you're willing to go used, in which case I'd recommend A Little Bit of Naples, which recently moved over to The Tannery.

Anonymous said...

Gillian, don't go knocking Mr Gore. While he may not have invented the technology he was, in fact, a very key player in passing legislation that allowed the general public to access* what was initially a very robust computer network designed and used for defense purposes.

NBPT Biz could do worse than look into the reality of starting a business in Newburyport (hey, hold a seminar and charge for it!) and some of the very real obstacles that prevent Tom from purchasing jeans, Ari from buying pads, and myself from avoiding unicorn-clutching psychos.

- The Carrot

*i.e. porn, Twitter, blogging, porn, ripping off people on eBay, porn, dating psychos, a little more porn, stealing music/movies and putting newspapers out of business, to name a few. And then there's the whole porn thing, not to mention ignorantly ragging on poor Al Gore (and if Tipper had been more involved, you can be darn sure there'd be a tad less porn online).

Gillian Swart said...

I actually am a big fan of Mr. G ... just couldn't resist. It would be really cool if you actually were Al. Now Tipper ... yikes!

And macsurf ... "I know all too well that unicorns are all too often the favorite animals of raging borderline personality disordered people." I guess that fits all too well with my personal experience. *sigh*

Tom Salemi said...

Well, my joke misfired. I really wasn't ranting about office supplies or blue jeans, just making a joke about how a Newburyport store might sell unicorns.

Sounded funnier in my head.

Anyway, if I were starting a retail business downtown I'd talk to the owners of Yankee Runner, Grand Trunk, Joppa Foods, Dyno Records and the Book Rack. I'm a fan of many and I find it quite remarkable they're all able to compete.

Gillian Swart said...

Hee hee, Tom. No one noticed that you said you can buy a unicorn downtown ...

Anonymous said...

Karp has a unicorn....say no more.