Monday, October 26, 2009

Turning on to turnips

I'm enjoying the last vestiges of the fruits of my labor in the New Eden Collaborative Garden this summer.

I added the (small) turnips I harvested over the weekend to some canned chicken soup (that's like an animated oxymoron). I can't tell you how different a fresh turnip is to a store-bought one.

Yesterday I enjoyed the carrots I grew with my own hands (which explains why they're so puny).

I really hope the city embraces a community garden because not only was it gratifying to grow, harvest and eventually eat the crops, it also was a lot of my casual socializing for the summer.

Every time I needed a break, I'd go over to the garden and almost every time there was someone else there to chat with. I met some really great people and got to know better other people that I had only slight acquaintance with before.

I have to say, though, that I can't stand the thought of having to eat store-bought produce all winter. I haven't had to do it, yet, but egads it won't be the same.

On to Tendercrop Farm, which is worth the extra pennies because it's better for you ... even though I still can't quite afford to buy their home-grown beef. I highly recommend their "own" bone-in pork chops, however, which are quite reasonably priced.

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