Sunday, October 11, 2009

Candidate interviews online

The CEB interviews with candidates for office are up on Port Media's website, here:

Someone in a store told me today that she was surprised at how "calm and composed" I was during the interviews.

Apparently she was under the impression that I'm some kind of wild woman - in the very best way, I'm sure - even though she has never seen me be anything but calm and composed, knowing me as a customer only.

She even mimicked a clawed feline reaching out to slash someone, with an appropriate sound effect to her hand motion.

"They seemed to be taken aback," she added about the two mayoral candidates. Her parting comment, however, was, "You're the lady!"

Yes, it's this unusual character trait I have of being a professional, when in a professional situation.

I know - it's confusing.

This blog, which I started to make up for the fact that I was no longer a reporter, is reaching the end of its useful life (if it ever had a useful life at all).

And once again I will say - there's a reason there are editors. Blogs, although they often are professional, are also often personal and not subject to scrutiny by eyes other than the author.

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