Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh crikey - Larry and I are losers

Hold the phone, people who asked me to do stuff such as interview candidates for election to city office and participate in the search for a new superintendent of schools as a representative from the local media ... check this out.

Apparently I'm an ignorant slut, to steal a line from an old Saturday Night Live parody of "Point/Counter-Point."

I can't express to you how upset I am; really, I can't.

Oh, look! They're showing Zingerman's (fabulous deli in Ann Arbor) during a break in the Michigan game. Zingerman's has a mail order service, you know.

They have the yummiest foodstuffs, but it's kind of expensive.

Mmmmmm, Zingerman's .... we should try to get one here.

What was I writing about, again?

Never mind, the (very disappointing) Michigan game is back on and Michigan has blocked a punt by Penn State ... if I hadn't gone to Michigan, I wanted to go to Penn State (after my mom and dad soundly rejected my suggestion that I be allowed to attend Berkeley).

And Michigan fumbles the ball. Well now I really am upset.


Helen said...

He just sounds like the average, "I know so much more than you do" sort of person. No reason to panic.

Sarah Swart said...

I am confused. You must be leaving out some detail, right? Who is impugning your rep?

Anonymous said...

To Gillian and her sisters(*) ---

Being one of three m'self, may one wade into the Swart Sisters' gene pool?

Totally agree that in this instance, the public and private "ministrations" of [that "Mister" cum self-anointed Master" are (at best) grossly mistaken or (at worst) balefully sinister.

On a lighter note, do tune in to these classic movie clips from a half-generation ago: and