Monday, October 26, 2009

The Liberator endorses Holaday (and others)

I forgot to pick up a copy of this week's Liberator while I was out, but I did see these 2 posts on the Newburyport, Mass. page on Facebook:

The Newburyport Liberator endorses Donna Holaday as mayor; Larry McCavitt as ward 1 councilor; Bob Cronin as ward 3 councilor; and Kathleen Ives, Barry Connell, Tom Jones, Ari Herzog, and Michael Ferrick as at-large councilors to vote for on November 3.

The Newburyport Liberator endorses Kathleen Bailey, Paul Bevilacqua, David Claridge, Roger Gagnon, Hugh Kelleher, Doug Locy, Tom Lyons, Janet Marcus, Olga MacFarlane, Cynthia Muir, Sheila Mullins, Tom Salemi, Jim Stiles, Bruce Vogel, and Alexander Warren for charter review committee candidates to vote for on November 3.

I love Olga MacFarlane; she had me in stitches one time at a City Council meeting. I don't think her stage-whisper comments and my almost-stifled guffaws were appreciated, though. Take that for what it's worth.

And it goes without saying I'm happy that my friend and fellow blogger Tom Salemi is among those endorsed.

But - there will be just 9 of them, right?

I don't know most of the people who are running for Charter Commission very well and some, not at all.

But I have to mention that all 5 of the candidates who were at that "meet and greet" at the Battles/Shanley homestead are on the Liberator's list.

You have to decide if that makes a difference to you. And even if it does - I still recommend a vote for Tom Salemi. He's only one of the 5, and I know absolutely he'll do what he believes is best for the city, based on the information put before him.

I place my trust in Tom because I know who and what he is.

I really don't know the other people well enough.


Bubba the Toady said...

Of course, Jim Roy attended a Shanley fundraiser - if that makes any difference. I guess he was for him before he was against him.

Gillian Swart said...

Perhaps he attended as a representative of the media ...?

Bubba the Apple-Polisher said...

Yes, I'm sure that was it. Perhaps some sort of badge is in order so us common folk can determine in which capacity you media representatives are attending - a notepad, something. Is partaking of the victuals a conflict of interest ?

Gillian Swart said...

I often wonder about the partaking of victuals. I try not to, but sometimes I give in - only to comment (in the story) on the quality of the food on hand, of course. Or the vintage of the wine.

I think the notepad is usually the giveaway.

Bubba the Sycophant said...

As I recollect, he was sans notebook and partaking in the libations - perhaps Holaday's ice cream social was more to his liking. You know how us boys like to play the field.

Tom Salemi said...


I really appreciate the kind words. I would do my best if given the chance.

I gotta say though, I still don't know what the hang up is with Karen hosting us at her house. I just don't get it.

The other candidates are all good people who are stepping up to try to help. I'd be happy to serve with any of them if I'm fortunate enough to win.

Thanks again for the sentiment,


p.s. I always partake. Reporters gotta eat, same as worms.

Dick Monahan said...

I've been on both sides of the notebook. As a PR person, I expected the reporters to partake. As a reporter, I partook.

There was food on the table, and I'm an omnivore. What's the question?

Gillian Swart said...

In all seriousness, most people encourage me to partake, so I usually do.

Bubba said...

I think all you bloggers are frustrated food critics.

I'll go out on a limb and predict that the charter commission will recommend a change to a City Manager and it will be defeated by the voters.

Gillian Swart said...

I have to agree with you on this one, Bubba. On both your points. I do, however, think the mayor (as a position) should get a raise.

Anonymous said...

Bubba and Gillian: Yes, yes and yes on all three points. I think alot of people have figured this one out.

Bubba said...

Well, I think a raise and term extension are in order. It would be sad to go through the whole process and end up where we started - though we seem to have a habit of doing just that. Same as it ever was.

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that some of the charter commission candidates have a pretty clear idea already of what they want to do. Bubba, I agree with your prediction.

Bubba non Nostradamus said...

Oh good Anonymous, I hate when I'm the only one.

Tom Salemi said...


It's one of three or four outcomes so I suppose so it's not that bold a prediction on your part. But it's definitely not predetermined.

I know people feel more comfortable when they think a "fix" is in, so I'm not sure I can do much to dispel those feelings. (I don't think you were suggesting a fix, btw, just a likelihood.)

I would ask that you and anyone interested attend the public hearings and every public meeting during which this will be discussed (they're all open to the public) so you can watch the process unfold.

If I don't win I'll attend as many as I can.

As for the forum, more is always better. But it's really difficult to get 20 people in a single place at the same time. And I honestly don't know what criteria people will measure us by. It's a unique race.

I hope people try to make it tonight.



Ari Herzog said...

Frustrated food critics, Bubba? If a blogger is a freelancer (and not all are) then wouldn't a freelancer be frustrated by definition?

Just sayin...

Bubba said...

No Ari, only frustrated if they can't write about food.


I don't think I claimed my prediction was bold beyond the inherent perils of predicting the future. I do however, as you suggest, believe it the most likely outcome based on the backgrounds of those running and the my read of the voters at large. No conspiracy or fix. I'll be voting for you though, since I know where you blog.

Tom Salemi said...

Hi Bubba,
Just got back from the Charter Review hearing, I didn't take notes but I do think the backgrounds are more diverse than you think. The majority folks said their minds were open, and I think they really are.

I just hope folks vote yes on the question and give these folks a chance. Lots of great backgrounds. This was actually the first time I've heard most of these people speak.

And thanks for the vote.