Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Corrected interview schedule

Apologies to Councillors Earls and McCavitt for previously leaving them out:

Thursday, October 8,15,22,29 at 8am & 7pm
Cameron (Ward 4)
Connell (At-Large)
Cronin (Ward 3)

Friday, October 9,16,23,30 at 8am & 7pm
Derrivan (Ward 5)
Earls (Ward 2)
Heartquist (Ward 1)
Herzog (At-Large)
Hutcheson (At-Large)

Saturday, October 10,17,24,31 at 8am & 7pm
Jones (At-Large)
McCavitt (Ward 1)
O'Conner-Ives (At-Large)
Shand (Ward 3)
Sullivan (At-Large)

Sunday, October 11,18,25, & November 1 at 11am - All candidates


Ed Cameron said...

My wife watched a bit this morning as she was getting ready for work. I was already on the road. She said I have a great face for radio...

Ari Herzog said...

Great face for radio, Ed? Or TV? *just kidding with you*