Monday, October 26, 2009

Charter review update, from Ed Cameron

The Newburyport Democratic City Committee will be sponsoring a forum for all Charter Commission Candidates on Tuesday, 10/27 at 7PM at City Hall Auditorium. This will be nonpartisan much like the event for Mayoral and Council candidates sponsored by the Newburyport Republicans earlier this fall.

Hope to see you there (says Ed Cameron, who sent all this info).

The Newburyport Charter Review blog is at
And please check out the new page "The Candidates" which features short bio's for all 20 candidates.

Please spread the word about Question 1 on the Newburyport Ballot!!!

Sadly this and other events that I would love to attend tomorrow night conflict with the big eminent domain vote in Newbury tomorrow night.

There are no comments to this latest story in the Daily News. I guess people have moved on, maybe.

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