Friday, October 16, 2009

Beach meeting: looks like good news

I have been sick all week, so when I turned over this morning and looked at the clock, saw it was 10:01 - I turned back over and went back to sleep. The phone ringing woke me up at noon.

But I called someone who was at the meeting to get the lowdown on what happened.

It seems as if the beach nourishment could be a "go," after all.

In a nutshell, it looks as if everything hinges on the town meeting about the eminent domain. I can't see any reason why the articles would not pass, seeing as how it appears it will, in fact, cost the town nothing.

This is based on the fact that the strip of land in question has no value since it is under water at this time, I am told.

After the approval at the meeting, the Selectmen have to meet to approve the taking and then someone has to skip on down to Salem and file the article(s) of taking. The new deadline for all this is Nov. 3, I gather.

But I did get a call from Christine Florio a while ago asking for my email address because she's sending out a statment to the press ...

In the not-so-good news dept., the storm that's going on has caused further damage to the sand bags at island center and I guess water has seeped behind the bags. The town is waiting for a break in the weather to go in and pump sand behind the bags, I was told.

So the next couple of days could be critical, depending on the weather.

Oh - and the Army Corps, the federal agency that is a lot like me it seems, is thinking there may not be 160,000 cubic yds. dredged from the channel and that it may be more like 130,000 cubic yds. and they may not get any bids on the job or the bids might be too high and exceed the budget ...

I should apply for a job there.

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