Monday, October 5, 2009

The reasons, oh the reasons

I have at least two examples of extremely personal examples of how people choose whom to vote for. Not personal to me - personal to the people.

There in the comments on the Daily News website we see someone who feels that (in part) because Donna Holaday sent her a campaign contribution letter with her last name spelled incorrectly, Holaday cannot possibly understand her concerns.

As I was told a couple of weeks ago by someone I ran into on Liberty St., she isn't voting for James Shanley because when he came to her door campaigning, he not only allowed the cat to run out (after she asked him to come in quickly so the cat would not do so) - but he did not help her retrieve the cat when it did run out.

As she tells it, "He ran away."

It only goes to show that, while campaigning, you have to watch every little thing you do (or don't do).

Because in this instance, every little thing you do is not magic.

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