Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's delivering the news?

A week from Friday, as I think I mentioned previously, I will be participating in a forum on Port Media called "The New Media," or something similar.

I have a lot to say about the "new media." As in, it's hard to tell these days what is the media. We have a daily paper, a weekly paper, an independent paper (unless the rumors I'm hearing are true), Newburyport Business, and several blogs that at various times deliver hard news.

On top of all this are Facebook pages, where you can find news also being delivered (see the page for "City of Newburyport, Massachusetts," which is run by social media person/City Councillor Ari Herzog).

A fellow blogger once said to me that they only posted about things that had already appeared in print somewhere. I don't do that because things I put on here will usually be appearing in "print" somewhere, because I will have written a story/stories.

So ... the "new media" to me mostly means that there is a bunch of confusion, not among the readers but among the increasing number of websites and blogs springing up, Facebook posts, tweets ...

I justify my multiple role in all this by saying that I want to deliver news. Obviously, the best way to get it out to the most people is through the Newburyport Current. But that's a weekly publication.

My intention with starting this blog was to deliver news in the wake of my leaving the Current as a full-time reporter. All that has changed, of course, because I went back as a freelancer.

My intention with Newburyport Business was to deliver more in-depth stories about doing business in Newburyport. Somehow, it went off onto the verge. But now that things have been straightened out, it will go back on course.

And things have been straightened out.

What do you all think?

And if there's anything any of you want me to bring up in this forum (which will be me, Kim Gobbi from Newburyport Today, Will Courtney from the Daily News and Pete Falconi from WNBP), which will air LIVE at I believe 9 a.m. on May 7, please let me know.


Ari Herzog said...

The irony of this "forum" is the four participants would not deliver any news if it wasn't for advertisements. Think about it; the Newburyport Current, Daily News, WNBP, and Newburyport Today exist primarily to advertise businesses and secondarily to deliver content. Without one, there is no other.

The irony is it will be taped at PortMedia, which is a non-profit and thus does not run ads.

Gillian Swart said...

I will be there representing NBPT Business ... which is virtually a non-profit, believe me. My goal is to deliver content, not to get rich.

Anonymous said...

nbpt today is hardly a news site