Friday, April 9, 2010

Beach update (Newburyport)

It appears that the $25,000 match for that DCR grant to NBPT for the nourishment project will come from the Harbormaster Enterprise Account. There's a request in to the City Council to approve transfer of the funds.

The account has $368,342 in it ... enterprise accounts are ones that support themselves through fees and rates.

The transfer is in for approval (as opposed to going to a committee). DCR (which owns the beach) will cough up $50,000 for the project.

AND it appears that another $44,750 is coming out of the account to buy a Beach Tech beach cleaning machine. Hmmm, it says in the supporting documentation for the transfer that the quote was only good until March 31 ...

An additional $15,000 for engineering and design costs for the nourishment project are in for transfer out of the city's Free Cash account.


Dick Monahan said...

DCR owns the beach. Newburyport residents get the same access, at the same parking fee, as anyone else that drives up. But, we have to buy a $45M gizmo to clean it? Why do we want to do that?

I guess we're justifying the $40M for sand on the basis of the taxes from the houses we're going to protect. I hope we're only counting a few years of those taxes, since that's as long as the sand will be there (where a few might be one).

I have heard talk that the boat fees are too low and that the harbormaster's office does not do a good job of collecting them. If there is any truth to either of these statements, I hope we're going to improve them. Maybe that account could pay for some more improvements.

Gillian Swart said...

Dick, there was some discussion a couple of yrs. ago about mooring fees and how people/marinas were not paying up in a timely manner for group moorings.