Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Landfill update

It's been a while for an update, but I got a copy of this letter DEP sent to New Ventures saying that if NV does not take action within 14 days, DEP will take over corrective action on the landfill berm using the financial assurance mechanism (FAM).

DEP also reminded NV that it must maintain adequate funds in the FAM

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Comity said...

In referencing the Crow Lane landfill ---

Cross-referencing this Port Reporter Unlimited blog post (as well as this blog's search results for any and all posts chronicling this ongoing saga) ---

The following excerpt of Comity's post to the Virtual Wolfe Tavern (found in its entirety at the Comity.org hyperlink) ---

Had mentioned two songs to which one was listening (incessantly) --- hoping that the "positive vibes" would propel a positive resolution:

• Among Criminals’ “Thin Lines” (NOTE: Third MP3 track at hyperlink)
• State Radio’s “Calling All Crows” (NOTE: Second MP3 track at hyperlink)

With the lines from "Thin Lines" resonating in response to the (good) question:

Who really knows our sense?
Take a deep breath.
Let me know.

Pray to all that is Good: In the end, let justice be served.