Thursday, April 1, 2010

Godtfredsen leaving mayor's office

I could have said, "Another one bites the dust ..."

Julia Godtfredsen, the mayor's director of policy and administration, will leave the mayor's office on June 30, I found out earlier this evening. She has two young children and Mayor Donna Holaday needs someone who can give 50+ hours a week to the position, they both said.

Similar to the deal with former Planning Director Sean Sullivan, Holaday and Godtfredsen agreed to give it a shot for a fiscal quarter, but Holaday said she really needs more time from the director and Godtfredsen could not in good conscience to her family give the time. That's my summary of what both women said, by the way.

Godtfredsen - and just when I was able to spell her last name without looking it up, too! - worked on the city's budget and represented the mayor at various meetings, such as the City Council, the beach alliance and the former senior center building committee (as of tonight, it's called the "Center at Cushing Park committee," but that's another story altogether and you can read it on Newburyport Business). She was hired by former Mayor John Moak in Jan. 2009.

So if you know anyone ... the mayor is looking, and she'd like to hire someone local.

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