Friday, April 2, 2010

What's up with Comcast?

I, and others, have been experiencing all kinds of problems with Comcast for quite some time now.

Apparently Comcast does not want you to use another application to download your emails. First I had problems with Windows Mail (as in, I wasn't getting emails and people weren't getting mine) and now I tried to upload my Comcast emails to Gmail and ... no dice.

It worked on the first attempt, but has not worked since. So now I have to sign in to both Gmail and Comcast (and, occasionally, my old Yahoo account) to see my mail.

Although I am often accused of not working well with others, I hate things that don't work well with other things. I think I just had an epiphany ...


Ari Herzog said...


If you click to you have multiple choices for how to send or receive comcast messages from gmail.

Where are you having a problem?

And why are you using comcast email?

Tom Smith said...

You can set a forwarding address in your Comcast mail account so that anything sent there is delivered instead at another address (e.g., your gmail account).

You can use Mozilla Thunderbird to

a) import all your Outlook folders b) use IMAP to access your gmail account (rather than use the gmail web interface)
c) use POP to access your Comcast mail (rather than the Comcast web interface)
d) have separate inboxes for each account
e) file mail from a folder in one account to a folder in another account

Really much, MUCH better, faster, and more reliable than Outlook (or any web-based mail).

Gillian Swart said...

Ari, I did what you suggest, and, as said, it worked the first time but never after (even though multiple times/day I get a message from Gmail telling me it has imported all my Comcast mail and all incoming mail will also be imported).

Tom ... what's IMAP? lol

Tom Smith said...

Geek alert.

IMAP is a mail client protocol. It's sort of like POP except that it allows you to use your mail server as more than just a temporary inbox. Instead, an IMAP server stores your mail and any subsidiary folders permanently. Nothing need be downloaded and stored your own PC. Gmail supports both modes of operation. Comcast only supports POP.

You'd think the one you pay for might offer more than the one you don't, wouldn't you?


Gillian Swart said...

OK ... went to set up Thunderbird and it keeps telling me my comcast password is invalid. I typed it in 4 times. Also telling me my NewburyportBiz password is incorrect. *sigh*