Monday, April 26, 2010

Public service announcement

The Secrets of Success - Hope and Inspiration in a Bad Economy
Presentation by Fran Larkin
May 6, 7-8:30 PM Newburyport Public Library
Free event

Local author and inspirational speaker Fran Larkin will be giving an informative talk on the "Secrets of Success" and how five words and visioning can help you create meaningful change in your life. Fran will explain how developing your own personal vision, values, mission and goals can help reach your goals, overcome obstacles and reach success. Through anecdotes, stories, and personal experience, the power of the Five Words and the Visioning process is driven home. For anyone, young or old, who is at a cross road in life, this talk is for you.

After retiring from a 35 year career at IBM in Business Administration, Fran moved to Newburyport two years ago. Since his retirement, he has joined many local organizations and authored "5 Words and Then Some", became a board member of Pennies for Poverty: 2 Cents 4 Change, and is a retirement coach, Alzheimers advocate, and inspirational speaker on visioning.

A Pennies TOGETHER event. Email: for more information.

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