Saturday, April 10, 2010

I've become a curmudgeon

Some people would say I was one, already ...

This is the definition of curmudgeon: a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas. Some definitions include the adjective "ill-tempered" and leave out the "old" bit.

(I love definitions that force you to look up another word; in this case, I think maybe people would have to look up irascible.)

For some reason, now when I watch a rerun of Cheers, I am disturbed by all those guys going into that bar every day. Now when I watch The Office, I am disturbed by all the mean tricks the Jim character plays on the Dwight character.

What can it all mean?

Well ... instead of me being particularly irascible, maybe Cheers is a reflection of people's need to be somewhere where they feel important, or valued. That's why I'm less curmudgeonly when gardening time rolls around. That's where I go to feel good.

And perhaps the abuse on The Office gets that little bit of nasty out of the systems of the viewers. Maybe that's why I watch.

Oh - and Flint is burning down, house by house by abandoned house. I know, that is apropos to nothing ... as is, "Let's take out his brain; that should work."

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