Thursday, March 18, 2010

This & that

What a week! And it's not over yet ...

I'm working on a "loaner" laptop, which my friend's husband has generously given me to use until I save enough money to buy a new laptop, I guess. Or not.

Word to the wise: don't buy a Compaq/HP laptop. The black screen of death is a known fault.

Anyway, how is everyone? Pretty much the first thing anyone says to me these days is to ask how things are out here on PI. There's this big meeting at 2 p.m. tomorrow, at PITA Hall out here, to discuss this very thing.

Who could have guessed that putting those sandbags there at PI center, north of the "groin," would cause such severe erosion southwards? Or maybe it wasn't the sandbags. I'll find out tomorrow!

Right now I'm busy watching Signature Club A on HSN. Yes, that's what I said. Plus I just got jam all over the borrowed laptop. oops

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