Sunday, March 21, 2010

My laptop bought the farm

I'm not sure what buying a farm has to do with failing, but the thing died a quick and horrible death.

Actually, it's not quite dead - it still will boot up after several attempts and Windows will start in Safe mode.

So ... the reason I'm reporting this (other that I tell you guys everything) is that, as it turns out, this is a known problem with Compaq/HP and Dell computers (and possibly other brands) that have an NVIDIA graphic chip; or a certain NVIDIA graphic chip, or something. If you want to read more, follow the links sent to me by my friend Mr. T (not the celebrity, although he's getting pretty famous around here):

The chip overheats, or as my dad found, it just can't handle Vista. Either way, make sure you don't have one in your laptop.

Which reminds me ... in one of the reports linked to above, it says that there have been no reports of this happening on a desktop computer.

Well let me be the first to report that in fact, I had a Compaq Presario desktop a few years back that I suddenly recalled did the exact same thing (everything got BIG and I had trouble getting it to boot up). It's the reason I got rid of it. This was long before Vista was an option, but it did have an NVIDIA graphics card; I only know this because my brother bought it for me, for my birthday or some other gift-giving occasion, after I complained about the poor graphics on my Civilization game.

Now my dad, who yesterday exchanged my Compaq Presario laptop for his Lenovo ThinkPad (he likes the challenge of having something broken to fiddle around with and, being a man, he has another laptop and a desktop) was the one who found some info online indicating that the NVIDIA graphic chip can't handle Vista.

When I bought the Compaq/HP laptop, Vista had just come out and there was no other option to Vista. I wanted XP, which is what I have again, on the Lenovo, so I'm a fairly happy camper. Plus the Lenovo is way faster than the Presario (being a man, Dad bought something very speedy). Now if I could just find the Delete key without having to look ... it's in a very odd location ...

Not complaining, even though it is in my nature.

Speaking of which, that Presario was the second laptop that failed on me within 2 years of purchase. After the desktop failed, I bought an Acer. The screen on that went south (not sure what going south has to do with failing, either), but I think that had something to do with me violently swatting flies that landed on it ...


Sarah Swart said...

I have never had a problem with a Dell. I've had XP, Vista, and now Windows 7 on Dell laptops. Each lasted me at least 2 years (except the one I spilled a cup of coffee on), and then lasted at least another 6 months as my daughter's system. I. love. Dell. I had a Toshiba in there somewhere, and =that= was awful.

Gillian Swart said...

But Dad and I think Phil said a laptop should last at least 5 yrs.! Besides, it's the graphics card, not the laptop per se. The one in the Presario is stuck onto the system board, btw. I'm not sure how Dad thinks he's going to fix it, but trying will no doubt keep him occupied for a while!

Anonymous said...

Isn't yours, and aren't dads, simply wonderful? Especially when they come to the rescue?

My bet is that your dad figures out how to fix the graphics card affixed to the mother/system board.

If anyone can.