Friday, March 26, 2010

Guest post: Jack Van Loan

Last weekend, I went to the landfill to see what was happening. The public right of way that is Crow Lane, past the entrance to the stump dump has numerous piles of C & D fines and stone rubble(12-15 feet tall); the road is invisible under dirt and debris; Where Crow Lane goes down hill toward the tributary of the Little River there is a layer of dirt, stone and debris. There is even a small pile of vacuum tubes from a radio or TV.

The landfill at the west side is piled much higher than the berm by [New Ventures LLC], probably in anticipation of their added retaining wall being approved.

NVLLC has been getting rid of Everett Wood Waste's debris by bringing it to Newburyport, first by Mayor Moak's wonderful order and then by just piling it on public land.

Maybe it is time to get the landfill declared a 21E site and following the added debris back through NVLLC to Everett Wood Waste and the people that brought debris to Everett Wood Waste.

NVLLC will be declaring bankruptcy any time, now.

[Financial Assistance Mechanism] FAM is be used up just finishing the construction.

Who will pay for repairs when settling occurs in "berm" and landfill when all the "carbon", wood debris decomposes and everyhting settles, affecting the gas collection system.

Who didn't see this coming?

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