Friday, March 12, 2010

Michael Cook: Rush going into exile - WHY Costa Rica?

Wow, if the Democrats in the US needed another reason to get health care reform passed, they were handed a doozy on March 9.

On his radio show that day, Rush Limbaugh said if health care reform passes, he will leave the country.

Now, if that prospect can't get liberal and blue dog Democrats, not to mention some Olympia Snowe Republicans, together on the health care reform band wagon, I don't know what can.

I just wish ragin' Rush hadn't said the country he'd exile himself to was Costa Rica.

I'd have thought, given Costa Rica has socialized, universal health care coverage for all its citizens, and even ex-pats with permanent residency status, it would be the last country the far right, neo-fascist Fat Man would want to come.

But then I remembered; in Costa Rica, Rush can buy his Viagra over the counter, he doesn't need a prescription, or someone else's for that matter, to keep himself revved up and rarin' to go and, of course, prostitution is legal.

With those two all important considerations taken into account, I'm sure a pesky little item like Costa Rica's democratic socialism, including free, universal health care, can be overlooked by the likes of the narcissistic and notoriously lecherous Rush Limbaugh.

My only question now is, "If health care reform passes and Rush makes good on his threat to leave the US and move to Costa Rica, where am I going to go?"

Costa Rica, after all, is just too small, not to mention still too nice, a country for an ego as big as the fascist Fat Man's.

Michael Cook
Puerto Viejo de Limon, CR
& Nbpt

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spednic said...

Sweet Michael:
I do not much care if your agenda
is homosexual, liberal, ex-patriot,
socialist, or often self serving.
However, when as in your recent letter to the Gloucester Times re:
our Nation's Foreign Policy, you are swimming in waters over your head. Stick to AIDS.
Thank you.
Herbert L. Baker
80 Riverview Road
Gloucester, MA 01930