Monday, March 1, 2010

Still fuming after all these hours: Olympic hockey

I've been pondering and fuming over that allegedly dramatic hockey game in Vancouver yesterday afternoon, trying to find the answer to why it was vaguely not dramatic at all for me.

Then this morning I found this on and - yes, that's it! It was more of an All-Star game of NHL players than an actual face off between Canada and the United States.

In a round about way 5 skaters from U.S. NHL teams scored 5 goals assisted by 5 players from again, U.S. NHL teams and one Canadian assist. Sounds more like the U.S. playing against themselves, and one Canadian in the mix.

So later on after the game, on the WBZ news, Steve Burton said that while Patrice Bergeron, a Canadian who plays for the Boston Bruins, will return to the Bruins with a gold medal, some other Bruin dude (did not retain the name) will return with only a silver medal. Boo-hoo-hoo.

I'm more interested in the people who actually gave up their personal time and their lives to train for their sport and/or the Olympics - and are happy to win ANY medal - not people who do whatever for a living and who are actually playing against team mates ... and acting all sulky because they came in second.

Those U.S. dudes standing there mostly with their hands on their hips or in their pockets while Olympic officials were trying to shake their hands - well we all saw how Peyton Manning got his chops busted for not being a good sportsman after the Colts lost the Superbowl.

And it's not even like the U.S. team was ever ahead and Canada surged past them at the last moment! But I'm not a fan of hockey so maybe hockey has a different set of expectations attached to it.

Hockey is a "manly" sport. You don't see any women playing hockey, right? Oh, wait ... the Canadian women won gold, too. What is a "sport," anyway? Is snow boarding a sport, or simply a recreational activity gone berserk?

By the way, I don't disagree with letting the native Canadians play for Canada. I was disgusted every time I heard during the Olympics, "[So-and-So] is from [This Country], but [skates/skis/sleds] for [This Other Country]" ... humpf, I say, humpf.

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