Friday, November 6, 2009

The landfill - it ain't over yet

OK, so a couple of weeks ago the final membrane layer (FML) was about to be placed on the last bit of the landfill by the end of that week ... and yet, here it was a special meeting of the City Council on Nov. 5 and the MassDEP was telling us how the contractor laying the membrane had to leave to go to another job and won't be back until Nov. 18, or so.

But never fear, landfill neighbors - it should all be over in time to ruin your Thanksgiving. (As in, the new schedule for finishing this part of the job is the day after Thanksgiving.)

I can't even go into the rest of it because it's too late at night/early in the morning, but suffice it to say that the news was not good.

What also was not good was the absence of anyone representing Ward 1.

Everyone else was there, for at least part of the meeting (and even though Tom Jones came in very late, his wife Terry Berns was there). Bob Cronin was there. Ari Herzog was there.

I do believe I heard some tense of the word "concern" voiced by a councillor ...

There are, I think, 3 meetings left in this session of the Council.

I wonder if we have seen the last of Larry?

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