Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holaday wins; Council gets 3 new members

OK, here are the unofficial "official" results (Clerk Richard Jones did not release the absolute official numbers by the time I left City Hall).

Mayor - Donna Holaday

Ward 1 - Allison Heartquist (new)
Ward 2 - Greg Earls (unopposed)
Ward 3 - Bob Cronin (new)
Ward 4 - Ed Cameron (unopposed)
Ward 5 - Brian Derrivan (unopposed)
Ward 6 - Tom O'Brien (unopposed)

At-large councillors:

Barry Connell
Steve Hutcheson
Katy Ives
Tom Jones
Ari Herzog (new)

School Committee:

Steve Cole (re-elected)
Dan Koen
Cheryl Sweeney

There was confusion about the Charter Commission people but the voters did overwhelmingly approve the formation of the commission.

Congratulations to everyone!


Dick Monahan said...

The totals are up on the Daily News site. What positions got all the write-ins?

Gillian Swart said...

From my very unofficial sheets of paper, it looks like there was a rather large number of write-ins for councillor-at-large. I assume that was the result of the "write in Holaday/Shanley for at-large" mini-campaign.

Ari Herzog said...

Before I left that room, Gillian, I had down a total of 261 write-in votes, leading to the unofficial status. Doesn't affect my numbers as-is.

Dick: Thanks for the link. I hadn't realized that DN image is clickable!

Bruce Menin said...

Hey all-
I think there were something like 250 absentee ballots across the city- I don't know whether those had been counted before we left- if not, I think the Charter Commission seats are the only race that could be affected by that.

Anonymous said...

gillian, will you be investigating the claim that heartquist received a contribution from a karp held entity? I know the DN wrote about it today, but you can't have too many people shedding light on a controversy...hope you follow up on it.