Sunday, November 1, 2009

Introducing Newburyport Business

Two of my writing colleagues (Melanie Wold and Stewart Lytle) and I are launching the online paper Newburyport Business within the next two weeks. Here is our mission statement:

Newburyport Business is a weekly online, business-focused newspaper. Newburyport Business aims to be the go-to source for up-to-date news and information about businesses in the area. Newburyport Business publishes investigative news stories about local businesses, trends and issues. It also offers feature-length articles detailing local businesses, business people of interest and business trends. The articles, news stories and features will all be held to the highest journalistic standards. They will be neutral and balanced; all sides of any issue will be contacted for an opinion and, where possible, presented. Newburyport Business will not take sides in any conflict between businesses or townspeople. Newburyport Business contains a blog where the editors and guest bloggers can offer opinions on some of the issues in Newburyport that may affect business. These opinions will reflect only the opinion of the editor or guest blogger and not that of the newspaper.

We are also offering FREE job listings to area businesses because we feel it's important to have an easy, reliable portal for locals (and others) to identify and hopefully secure jobs locally.

If you, dear readers, have any ideas you would like to share about content/departments (and while our web developer is still in the process of putting the finishing touches on the site), please do so. Our aim is to be inclusive.

Also, if you own a business and have any job openings that you would like be listed on Newburyport Business, please send them to me ASAP.


Anonymous said...

It sounds interesting. Good luck!

Tom Salemi said...

Yes, Good luck