Saturday, November 14, 2009

I become an entrepreneur

Newburyport Business went live yesterday. It's not all we want it to be - yet - so it's a work in progress.

This was our soft launch. We will have a hard launch in December, complete with celebration and fanfare.

I would like to thank my partners, Stewart Lytle and Melanie Wold, and our web designer Cindy Barnard, who not only gave us more than what we asked for but put up with three people simultaneously throwing input at her.

Suggestions/comments/story ideas are always appreciated. We're trying to fill a niche here, not supplant anyone else.


Ron Klodenski said...

Best wishes for success!

Dick Monahan said...

That looks like fun! I trust it will turn out that way. Good luck.

Mary said...

Congratulations, Jill! It looks wonderful. I look forward to reading it. I'm starting to think I know more about Newburyport than Flint.

P.S. You're Gillian Stewart on your "Contact Us" page.