Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seabrook siren test

I was going to write about this, but then I got all involved in being depressed (slightly), so this story in the daily gave me the impetus to proceed!

SEABROOK — There were no reports of whales jumping from the ocean or spooked animals running downtown in the wake of the first regionwide Seabrook Station siren test. In fact, many local residents are saying the drill sirens were not even loud enough to hear from their homes.
Hee hee ... a previous story had predicted whale and other animal extreme reactions to the test.

I was at The Tannery Mall when the first regional siren test of the Seabrook nuke plant went off last Saturday. I heard it ... and so did at least one other person who had no clue what it was and kind of freaked out in the parking lot.

I went into a building and then into the Nutcracker Bakery - and no longer was it audible.

"Some siren," I thought.

So it's good to know others also thought it was less than effective.

"All I could hear was a very far away faint whistle," Lynette Leka of Pine Island in Old Newbury said. "I wouldn't hear it at all if I were running the vacuum or mowing the lawn."

Leka noted while growing up in the Midwest, she would hear the tornado warning sirens, which she said "blew her socks off." She said there was no way to miss the tornado sirens that were numerous on streets in her hometown.
I've got to agree. Those tornado sirens were LOUD (civil defense, man).

But does it matter? I don't even know what to do if there is an accident at the plant.

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