Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pray for Atticus

I woke this morning to an email from Tom Ryan, sent to his friends and supporters, that little Atticus was attacked by another (unleashed) dog yesterday.

As of the time of his email (6:15 a.m.), Tom reports that Atticus is heavily sedated and he (Tom) is monitoring him for signs of a pneumothorax and/or a collapsed lung.

Tom and Atticus are due to be honored in Boston next Thursday for their fundraising efforts for other animals.

Pray for Atticus.

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Tom said...

Thank you Gillian.

You cannot imagine how kind people have been these last 48 hours. This little dog has his supporters from the hiking community; Newburyport; the Jimmy Fund; MSPCA Angell and animal lovers from around the country.

We're muddling through. We have another vet appointment tomorrow morning and we'll know more from there on.

We were going to be in Nbpt for Thursday and Friday because of the JFK Library celebration but now we'll be coming to town on Tuesday. It will good for Atticus to see many of his friends.

Thanks again,
Tom (& Atticus)