Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was alerted to this by a tweet from someone in Flint, via Twitter.From the Flint Journal:

GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan -- An apparent Internet hoax is causing hysteria as rumors spread through text messages, e-mails and word-of-mouth about a supposed gang initiation involving shooting women in the head at gas stations.

State police said they have been flooded with calls about rumors that a woman had been shot. The rumors remain unsubstantiated, although panicked residents flooded police with telephone calls, parents pulled students out of school and at least one school district went into lockdown.
The person on Twitter apparently works in the district that went into lockdown.

Since it's not all over the news, which I assume it would be, I have to take the Journal's word that it was a hoax. Plus, people commenting on the story report a similar situation occurred 2 weeks ago in Pontiac, which is south of Flint and also a place I used to live.

On another note, I'm enjoying watching Tom Delay defending the last eight years of government. One thing I'm learning from watching all this cable news is that partisan people refuse to say anything nice about the "other side."

(Even though we all know some of these people are friends in real life.)

There's got to be at least one thing one side likes or admires about the other, and is willing to admit to on camera, wouldn't you think?

Look how well we all get along.

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