Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Landfill news from Everett

I had 2 comments from people in Everett to my last post about the landfill, which was a while ago now. I also received an email that said the same thing, so here it is, in total:

Please read here where the Mayor of Everett, Carlo DeMaria said last night that he has a meeting on Wednesday with the AG to reopen the landfill. You may already know this but I wanted to make sure you knew, and there wasnt any back room deals getting made behind Newburyport's back.

Also, the city of Everett is having an open public hearing on ALL matters with William Thibeault, on October 29, 2008 where Chip Nylen is invited to attend, to tell his spin on the landfill. Conveniently, the time and place was not mentioned by the mayor. http://bbeverettma.forumco.com/Under community-then Wood Waste


Anonymous said...

The public hearing is October 29, 2008 at 7:00pm. In the Everett city council chambers.

We were told to watch newspapers in case the time changed. So much for a confirmed set date and time.

The landfill and Newburyport will be on the agenda.

If anyone from Newburyport that may be interested, Everett City Hall is 484 Broadway Everett. 617-389-2100

Anonymous said...

We are hoping to have that meeting packed. If anyone from Newburyport would like to attend, it would be most appreciated.


Anonymous said...

There is a heated discussion going on the http://bbeverettma.forumco.com/Under community-then Wood Waste

About Wood Waste, the City of Everett and Newburyport.

I think your readers might find it interesting and might want to respond.


Anonymous said...

Here is an article that is in one of our local newspapers today.

The Everett Independent page 6

Simonelli gets his hearing
by Augustine Parziale

Common Councilman Stephen Simonelli has been one of the most vocal opponents of Wood Waste during his time on the council, and on Monday, October 6, he found out that he is indeed going to get that public hearing on the business that he has long sought.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced to the council on Monday that he has scheduled a public hearing on October 29 to allow local residents to come forward and express whatever concerns they have regarding Wood Waste.

DeMaria also informed the councilors that he has been in close contact with the attorney general's office regarding the pending legal action between Wood Waste and Newburyport over the latter's closure of the landfill that Wood Waste had been using to dump debris that's piling up on the premises.

We will provide more information about the time and place of that public hearing when more details emerge.

Simonelli, meanwhile, has to be happy that he is finally getting some headway on the issue, as he has been dying for a chance to get after Wood Waste for a while now.

Simonelli was one of only a handful of lawmakers who voted against the recent sale of the old City Yards to the owners of Wood Waste because he believes that they have never shown any willingness to be a good corporate neighbor in the city, and he doesn't trust them to shape up.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out of these public hearings.

Anonymous said...

Crow Lane Landfill will be the main topic at the public hearing on 10/29/08. Mayor DeMaria keeps saying Newburyport does not want to share the cost of the cleanup and Newburyport is in litigation with Thiebault because they do not want to pay their share of the cleanup in the landfill.

Newburyport fought to stop any truck deliveries over money.

He said Newburyport was dumping poisonous chemicals in before Thibeault took over.

The result of that was the city of Everett being left with piles of waste. Town leaders in Newburyport aren't interested in the woes of Everett....we should do whatever we can to encourage the state to resolve the issues between Newburyport and Wood Waste....its the best possible solution for us.

William Thibeault's Newburyport attorney will be there. Mayor Carlo DeMaria met today with the Attorney General. Although he was vague and did not speak as to why, he did mention it was about reopening the landfill.

The majority of people in Everett are not in favor of reopening the landfill, because we know first hand the suffering that has caused. There are a select few that are in the administration, that try and put the blame on everyone else, except who is to blame, and that would be William Thibeault.

Anonymous said...

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria stated that there is some decision being made on the 16th, concerning the re-opening of the landfill.

There was a very heated argument between him and another alderman. He said the "Town" of Newburyport was dumping trash and junk for years and Newburyport wants Mr. Thibeault to pay for it and now Mayor Moak wants Thibeault to pay for some energy mills.

He also "blatantly" stated that you have a few council members that just like to hold things up.

Mayor Moak really needs to view these meeting, by DVD from ECTV. Everett Community TV.

He said so much more that it's unbelievable, and I'm so sick over it, that I cant remember, but I have all these meetings recorded. If there's a way to get them on youtube, I would love to do it.

Residents of Newburyport deserve to know the truth of what's being said. It's totally sickening.

We now know what was in the PI on July 14th. William Thibeault is in violation of environmental laws at his 'Wood Waste" site in Everett and Carlo DeMaria BLAMES Newburyport! He promised to truck those piles out to Michigan and Ohio back in June and NEVER kept his word!

All the trash talk about Newburyport started on

September 8th:
C0138-08 Order/s/Councilor Lorrie Bruno, as President
Joint Convention Report on Planning Board's recommendation and Order That a certain portion of Fourth Street, an accepted way in the City of Everett, more particularly described and on a plan attached to order, be discontinued as a public way.

October 6th:

C0206-08 Resolution/s/Councilor Stephen Simonelli
To have the Mayor (second request) appear at this meeting to confirm a date for a public hearing on all Wood Waste concerns from area residents, as was passed by the Common Council over a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to post this and is there a way to get this in the Newburyport papers to inform the residents? People from Everett need to hear from the people of Newburyport. I know it's a trip, but it would be worth it. Everett's administration is seriously downplaying Newburyport's suffering and blaming Newburyport for all the problems, to the citizens of Everett.


* It is time for the people to be heard.
* Wood Waste needs to be stopped.
* Wood Waste should be made to come into compliance and be enclosed at
its present site on Boston Street.
* No more Rewarding a company that has no regard for the Health of the
Residents of Everett.

* Please come to the Public Meeting and take back Everett*

For information visit • http://savelowerbroadway.blogspot.com

Date: Wednesday October 29, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Everett City Hall • City Council Chambers