Friday, October 3, 2008

Memories, like the cobwebs in my mind (part 2)

I'm reading in the Flint Journal that the library of Mott Community College is getting an $8.2 million renovation:

FLINT, Michigan -- The library at Mott Community College is slated for the most ambitious renovation since the building was constructed in 1959.Last week, the state Legislature approved giving Mott $4.1 million toward an $8.2-million upgrade project for a building that college officials say has become the heart of the campus.
What does this mean to you? Well, nothing!

I used to work at this building, back when it was the library for both MCC and the University of Michigan. In fact, it was my first full-time job after graduating from college.

I was planning on becoming a librarian at the time.

My experience there, and working at a branch of the Flint Public Library, convinced me that librarians can be very bizarre people ... at least the ones I was working with in Flint at that time.

(I have to qualify everything with that disclaimer.)

One thing that was very interesting about the experience was the people I worked with in the processing department (where they catalog and otherwise process the books before they go out on the shelves).

There were 2 women from Germany and one from Finland. Flint, if nothing else these days, was a very diverse city. There were also a lot of people from the Middle East (you know, Muslims), and hey! we all got along just fine.

Too bad it didn't stick. Poor Flint; but good for the library.

I imagine those old card catalogs I used to stock are long gone, as are the people. I know one of them recently passed away.

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