Friday, November 14, 2008

This is getting good!

I thought this little anecdote, sent in a comment to the post about the Everett mayor .... ummm ... discussing Newburyport in a public meeting, to merit a stand alone:

After Thomas Jones spoke, Billy pointed to the Mayor to get in the hallway and they followed Thomas Jones out there. Everyone in the audience heard yelling and they had to close the doors. Right after that, Mayor Carlo DeMaria tried to wrap the meeting up quick.
(Tom Jones is one of our city councillors.)

Did no news outlet send a reporter to this meeting? I'm assuming it was the one held Oct. 29, in Everett.

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Anonymous said...

One of Everett's local papers attended. They wrote a fluff article.

Our paper's do not report the news, they fear losing the city's advertising. We have three newspaper's and we have to depend on the blog for information.