Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sometimes rumors prove to be true

Way back when I was still posting like a fiend, I got an email from someone alerting me to the probable demise of Plum Island (Coffee) Roasters in Newburyport.

So when I read the other day in the Daily News that PICR was only looking in Amesbury for a spot to put a roaster (not moving, though), I was like, hmmmmm ...

But lo and behold today's story, in which it is revealed that the specialty coffee shop is, indeed, moving to Amesbury. No mention of the multi-page lease I heard the shop was presented by Newburyport Development and which was the purported impetus behind a potential exodus.

Last Friday, (owner Samatha) Stephen told The Daily News that she "has no plans to move into the former J. Bucks location." She noted the item on the Amesbury Municipal Council agenda was just for approval to rent the space to house her roaster so it would be closer to the Newburyport location. The roaster is currently in Franklin.

After Councilor Jonathan Sherwood asked if the roaster would be at the location, she said no.

Stephen later addressed her previous denial of the move by saying, "I'm sorry I couldn't tell the truth. I didn't want to say anything until the deal had gone through."
Oh, so there's a second thing that made me go hmmmmm ....

And send condolences to Tom Salemi, who loves that place. I wish I could say the same, but - alas, I cannot.

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