Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm surprised that no one has commented (and abused me for implying otherwise) that you can get from Newburyport to Amesbury via the Rte. 1 bridge over the Merrimack River ... I'm very disappointed!

Anyway ... It will be very good to be able once again to drive down Rte. 1A, especially this time of year. I always see wild turkeys along there ... in fact, I almost ran one down a couple of years ago. It wasn't my fault - the negligent fowl darted out into the road while 4 or 5 of its compatriots watched from someone's yard.

That's not to mention the one or two than roam about the PI Airfield/Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm and the one that wanders the sidewalk near Moseley Pines/Woods (I can never remember what the official name is now).

According to MassWildlife, adult turkeys feed mainly on plant material, including acorns, nuts (especially hickory), grapes, skunk cabbage, barberry and other berries and tubers. They will scratch the ground seeking food. Poults feed heavily on insects during the summer. During the winter, open springs and seeps are an important source of food.

They seem to be around all the time - so why is it I only see them in the fall?

Speaking of seeing birds, I've been seeing a beautiful heron on the marsh the last 2 weeks. The tides have been high (or it's just been wet) and the marsh is frequently very wet. I keep trying to snap a photo of it, but it gets alarmed when I stop the car and rush in its direction.

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Anonymous said...

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?

A: To beat the chickens to the tasty tubers.

Mrs. X