Friday, November 14, 2008

Solar panel project stalls

Wow, who could have predicted that something like this would happen? There has to be someone ... let's see ... yikes! I think the answer is: EVERYONE.

From the Daily News:

The panels were expected to be delivered and installed by Nov. 4, but Moak released word yesterday that EyeOn has been unable to secure funding for the $3.5 million project — the result of a general "halt" of projects by the bank serving as EyeOn's investor due to the nationwide credit crisis, Moak said.

"(EyeOn) said (banks) have halted all projects related to PPAs and other types of projects that they haven't actually funded yet," Moak said. "We were told their investor has asked all their clients to hold their projects until they have a better idea of what the financial picture is going to be."
These would be the panels for the Nock Middle School; the ones that generated so many comments due to the rush nature in which the deal was pushed through.

The delay is the latest issue to plague the project since it was first unveiled by the city's lead negotiator and Energy Advisory Committee member Jeffrey Wootan. Questions regarding conflict of interest arose when Wootan helped the city obtain a waiver of Chapter 25A bidding laws and then negotiated a no-bid deal that benefited a company he was being paid to consult with at the time.

And way down at the bottom of the story, this little note:

The Daily News received a copy of a complaint filed with the Massachusetts Ethics Commission charging Wootan and Moak with conflicts of interest in the matter.

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